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We Help Businesses

So they can grow & give back to the community

Maine Business Consulting Services is committed to using local services so that Maine keeps as much revenue as possible. Growing Maines economy is beneficial to us. Our goal is to bring jobs, services, and manufacturing back to Maine, allowing better services for the people of Maine.

Why You Should Choose Maine Business Consulting


Quick response

With Maine Business Consulting Services, we aren’t like the big companies. As a small business, we can offer a free consultation and a quick turnaround on services provided. Maine Business Consulting Services offers a personalized approach.


Small businesses Focus

Maine Business Consulting Services has targeted services specific to how small businesses operate. Using different strategic plans and data analytics we can discover where things could improve.


We will come to you

While Maine Business Consulting Services is a smaller business which means we can provide services around the state either remotely, at your place of business, or a location of your choice.


Serving Central Maine

Our primary focus is on the businesses within the central Maine area. Maine Business Consulting services offers services to those outside of the state including businesses throughout the US.

Business Planning

Business Planning is a vital part of a strategic plan through marketing, accounting, and various business analysis. By gathering data on competitive businesses offering the same services or products, companies can cover issues that went unrecognized before.

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Marketing Planning

Marketing Planning uses the creative process through different aspects to see what part of the market share your business might have. This information can help us decide what part of the marketing mix might be the best to improve compared to the competition.

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Accounting Ratios

Accounting ratios dive into the different aspects of the accounting world. Using accounting ratios can help a business improve when compared with a strong cash flow or balance statement between finances and help companies decide where to improve.

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Business Executive Analysis

A business executive analysis uses strategic planning and complex matrices to discover hidden issues providing new improvements to current systems. An executive analysis will uncover any weaknesses that could turn into opportunities and be the deciding factor in such a competitive economy.

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Some High Praise From Our Clients

We Help Businesses

So they can grow and give back to the community