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A business executive analysis uses strategic planning, and complex matrices to discover hidden issues and provide new improvements on current systems. An executive analysis will cover weaknesses that the business could turn into opportunities that could be the deciding factor in such a competitive economy.

When coming up with a business executive analysis it is important to realize what a business executive analysis is and what it is used for. A business executive analysis is a document that provides the different milestones a business may have soon and provides very in-depth data for the business to use for the future. The information is usually described through an array of different components. Abstract which delves into the different characteristics of the company. The analysis also goes over the history of the company. We can see why they decided to start the business and what they want to do with it.

Vision Statement Analysis

Vision Statement Analysis using a vision statement is important because it provides a picture of where the business wants to go in the future.

Mission Statement Analysis

Mission Statement Analysis this is where we delve into the different components that make up a mission statement and how they might provide a better picture for your business.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis provides a detailed picture of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

EFE Matrix

EFE Matrix is an external factor evaluation matrix used in conjunction with the opportunities and threats that a business may face. These are the external factors that they will have to overcome.

IFE Matrix

IFE Matrix uses the internal factor evaluation matrix used for the different internal factors the business has such as strengths and weaknesses.

CPM Matrix

CPM Matrix, known as the competitive profile matrix, has different ratings for the critical success factors between the different businesses that operate within the same market share.

Financial Ratio Analysis

Financial Ratio Analysis provides the different historic ratios for the last 3 years that the business has operated.

Projected Financial Ratio Analysis

Projected Financial Ratio Analysis this is a projected estimate of the business’s financial ratios 3 years into the future.

Projected Financial Statements

Projected Financial Statements this is used for the different financial statements such as the balance sheet, and an income statement.

SWOT Matrix

SWOT Matrix allows a combination of different things used in conjunction such as a strength and an opportunity or even a strength aligned with a threat. SWOT Strategies this is where the matrix is used to describe what can be done to do these different strategies, implementing different plans using data to provide a clearer picture.

Grand Strategy Matrix

Grand Strategy Matrix uses the business’s position within a market to describe certain strategies that a business can take to put themselves in a good position. QPSM Matrix Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix ranks the different strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats that a business may have. Epilogue is a conclusion of what the business may need to improve on through a strategic plan.

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We Help Businesses

So they can grow and give back to the community